Role of Information Technology in Education

Broadly, Information Technology is defined as the use of computers to study, send, retrieve, store and manipulate information used widely in business organizations and now in the field of education as well.

Many of the Schooling Systems are now using Information Technology to provide better understanding of difficult concepts to students in classroom and at home.


  1. Information technology has made both teaching and learning easier:

The use of Information Technology in classroom has left behind the traditional methods of giving long boring lectures. Using IT the teachers can create interesting audio and visual presentations which will keep the students engaged and will give them a greater understanding of all the concepts. Beside this, such methodology can give rise to interactive sessions between students and teachers. Everyone likes watching animated videos. Using Information Technology the whole classroom can be digitalised thus making both teaching and process of learning much easier.


  1. Information Technology helps the teachers and administration to keep track of all students in classroom:

Information Technology has given rise to various tools and application which can be used by School administration and teachers to track the progress of individual students and the parents can also be kept up to date about the achievement of their child. This technology can also be useful for the teachers to help the students in their weak subjects and provide them some extra time and notes. Thus IT has saved the teachers from old methods of maintaining student records on books and registers.


  1. Education using Digital Books:

Many schools have now digitalised their classroom, by encouraging the students to use information technology to submit their tests, homework and assignments. The teachers also promote the use of electronic books to read the lectures. These digital books can be read anywhere in a café, on the train and at home according to convenience. This advancement has played an important role in protecting our environment as less books means less cutting down of the trees.


  1. Information Technology has made education fun and entertaining:

In the modern world of today every student knows how to use computer, tablet and mobile phones. The information technology can be used to direct this addiction in a positive manner  by introducing tablets and PCs in  class room for the purpose of interactive sessions, to see the relevant videos, share knowledge, to solve queries and concepts by using Facebook or What Sapp private classroom groups. The use of this technology will make education more fun and entertaining for both the teachers and the students.


  1. Information Technology has made Education Accessible for all the students:

Introduction of virtual classroom has completely displaced the traditional classroom methodologies. Thanks to this advancement now a student can attend lectures from any part of the world, all he needs is a good internet connection and his personal computer. This technology allows the student to study in their own comfort zone at any part of the day they like. There are many sites which are providing free online education services like the Khan’s Academy which allows the student to acquire education on any topic they like, irrespective of their age and school curriculum.

Plus now the students can acquire their academic papers using Electronic learning from areas which were once isolated from the rest of the world.


  1. Information Technology has made Access to Research and information much easier:

Few years back the students had to spend hours in library to search for information or data they need for their dissertation or assignment. Thanks to information technology they can now access any information they want using their computers or mobile phones.  They can search Google and YouTube for any sort of article they are looking for thus making their writing much more comprehensive and understandable.


  1. Information Technology has made group studies and Assignments much easier:

In a traditional classroom when a teacher asks the student to conduct group study or do an assignment, it used to create confusion because every student has got their own opinion and group discussions would create a total mess. Thanks to information technology now the discussions can be conducted on social media forums or using tools and applications where they can upload their task and collaborate with one another in a perfect manner.


Information technology is playing a major role for both, the students, to achieve a better understanding, learning and education while teachers to keep themselves up to date and improve their teaching skills.

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