JSS 3 Mathematics Objective Questions

                                      Mathematics  Objectives Questions

  1. Find the  reciprocal of 0.02.   a.500   b.50   c. 5      d. 0.5
  2. The manageress of a shop buys a number of dresses for #144:00k. Each dress costs #24:00k. How many dresses does she buy    a.  6 dresses  b. 7 dresses  c. 8 dresses d. 9 dresses.
  3. Find the product of the square of ½  and the sum of 13 and 19 .     a 8 b. 16 c. 32 d. 64
  4. Which of the following is true of a quadrilateral ?     a. all the angles are equal     b. it has four sides   c. two opposite sides are equal d. Total sum of angles equals 180
  5. A car travelled at an average speed of 60km/hr for 4 hours 20 minutes. How far did it go?  a. 420km   b. 264km   c. 260km   d 60km
  6. Find the selling price of a motorcycle at a cost price of #65,000 and loss of #1,250k  a.  #63,750  b. #36,750  c. #60,000   d. #66,250
  7. A boy was 15 years old in 1989. In what year would he be 32 years old. a.  2006   b. 2026  c.  2007  d. 2005
  8. Find how many times that 0.002 is contained in 80.    A 10,000 b. 20,000 c. 16,000 d. 40,000
  9. What is the sum of angles of a quadrilateral ? a. 44cm . b.88cm c.196cm d.616cm
  10. ABCD is a rectangle  with sides 6cm and 8cm. If its diagonals cross at X, the length of Ax is . a.6  b.7 c.8 d.10