JSS 1 English Language

Date: 04/05/2020

JSS 1:English Language

                                                                Comprehension Passage

     The word comprehension means the ability to understand what you listen to or what you read. It is an exercise which aims at improving or testing one’s ability to understand a language. Try to remember your English class at your school. Each day you were taught new lessons.

     The stories, the poem, the questions, and answers were unseen to you before you read them. Similarly, in a comprehension test, you are given a passage or a paragraph or two. These paragraphs show the idea or mood, concerning issues, their solutions that the author provides. Your main task is to answer the questions asked from the passage.

To develop a better level of comprehension one requires certain skills:

  • Logical ability
  • The ability to infer
  • Analytical ability
  • Reasoning ability
  • Ability to understand the main motive or the idea of the author.
  • Reading speed
  • Vocabulary power
  • Remembering some important information from the paragraph otherwise, we need to refer the paragraph again and again which will consume more time.


  1. What is Comprehension ?
  2. List 4 skills to develop a better level of comprehension