Government SS1

Topic:Delegated Legislation

Delegated Legislation
Delegated legislation may be defined as the law made by non legislative body under the power granted by the parliament.
The complicated nature and growth of government activities have made it difficult for the legislature to oversee and make all laws in the Country which is its primary function. Therefore, it is necessary to delegate some functions to other bodies so appointed.

Forms or Types of delegated legislation
1. Order-in- Council
2. Bye Law
3. Provisional order
4. Statutory order
5.Special procedure order

Merits of delegated legislation

1. Time saving
2. Suitable for emergence periods
3. Use of experts in technical subjects
4. Lessens the pressure on parliament
5. Easy to understand

Demerits of delegated legislation
1. It is prone to abuse
2. It is a violation of Rule of Law
3. It is against the separation of powers
4. It makes judicial review difficult
5. It is undemocratic
Revision Questions
1. What is delegated legislation
2. Write short note on any three forms of delegated legislation
3. Explain 4 argument against delegated legislation.