Physics for SS 1 Students

Date: 27/04/2020
Class: SS1
Subject: Physics
Topic:Elastic Properties of Solid

Elastic properties of solid:
When some load is suspended from the end of a coil spring wire, the spring stretches a certain length . when this load is removed, the spring returns to its former length, also, a ruler if bent will return to its former shape when bending is removed.
Elasticity is the ability of an object to regain their original shape after the distorting force is removed. An elastic material is one that regain its original shape and size after the distorting force has been removed.When a force is applied to an elastic spring or string, the length of the material increases by a certain amount.The relationship is given by Hooke’s law which hold until a certain limit of force is reached.

Hooke’s Law

The law states that provided the elastic limit of an elastic material is not exceeded, the extension e of the material is directly proportional to the load F.
To be continued in the next class.