English Language for SS 1 students

Date: 29/04/2020

Class: SS 1

Subject: English Language


Read the passage below and answer the following questions.

Osime who was from The Daily News wanted to see the captain about the shooting. The two officers looked at each other and the second lieutenant said again: You can discuss this business with the shooting with me. The captain is busy. Osime looked him straight  in the eye and shrugged his shoulders. Then your name will appear in the papers, he said very quietly , and the second lieutenant frowned because he knew the full implications of having his name in the papers when there was another and senior officer in the next room.

Can I see your identity card ? he asked, more to save his face than for any other reason.

Osime put  his hand into his back pocket and drew out the card and handed it over to the sergeant who was nearest to him. The man looked at it and then passed it on to the second lieutenant who again looked at it and Osime remembered his humiliation at the stadium and bit his upper lip.

All right, journalist, the second lieutenant said and there was venom in his voice. You can see the captain. And my card? You will get it back after we have finished with you, the sergeant said…..


  1. What was Osime’s job and why did he want to see the captain
  2. A first the second lieutenant said Osime should see him not the captain. What changed his mind?
  3. Explain in your own words exactly why he asked for Osime’s identity card.
  4. ‘that had only one door opening into it….(line 1 )

What is the grammatical name given to this kind of expression ?

What is its function?

  1. For each of the following words, find another word or group of words that means the same and which can replace it in the passage.
  2. Escorted
  3. Frowned
  4. Implications
  5. Humiliations