English Language for JSS 3 Students


Date: 29/04/2020

Class: JSS3

Subject: English Language

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.

Papers is a thin material made from fibres found in plants such as bamboo, cotton, esparto, grass, hemp, jute, sugarcane, wheat and rice straws. Wood is the main  source of fibres for making paper.

Wood  logs are bought from the wood yard and put into what is called a barking drum. This removes the cover of the wood, that is , the bark. The log is then cut into small pieces in a chipper. These are washed in a chip washer and treated in huge tanks. After this, the chips are broken down into fibres. The raw materials are boiled in water and chemicals to remove any colour or dirt. It is then beaten into a soft, shapeless form called pulp.

This pulp is coated with Kaolin to make the paper less transparent so that what is printed on one side of the paper does not show on the other side. It also gives the paper a smooth surface. When starch is added, it makes the paper strong. Resin makes sure that the paper will not soak up ink like blotting paper.


  1. List four plants from which paper can be made
  2. Where do wood logs come from
  3. what happens to the logs in a barking drum?
  4. Why are fibres boiled in water and chemicals?
  5. Do you think all paper will need starch?
  6. Will all paper need resin?