English Language for JSS 2 Students


Date: 29/04/2020

Class: JSS 2

Subject: English Language

Read the passage  carefully and answer the questions below it

One of the most important things man needs  in life is a house. It is a safe place to sleep after the day’s work. As we look around we see different types of houses. Some houses are use as offices, schools or factories. Some are old, some are new.

In the northern part of  Nigeria, the big cities have the old part and the new part. The old city has   mainly old mud houses with flat and mud roofs and small windows. There are also round mud huts with pointed straw roof. There is usually a mud wall around the city. The flat mud roof  help to keep the house cool from the very hot weather.

But in the new part of the cities, the houses have brick walls, iron roofing sheets and many glass windows.

Down in the southern part of the country, most old mud houses are found in the small town and villages such houses too are either round or rectangle in shape. The round ones have straw pointed roofs with a window each. But the rectangular  ones have mostly old, rusty roofing sheets.

Answer these questions

  1. Why is a house important to man?
  2. Why do most old houses in the old cities have flat mud roofs?
  3. What are houses used for?
  4. Why do you think the old cities have wall around them
  5. Where are most mud houses found in the north.