English Language for JSS 1 Students


Date: 29/04/2020

Class: JSS1

Subject: English Language

Read the passage  carefully and answer the questions below it

Public notices are printed statements used by the government, individuals, and businesses to give information or notice to the public when very important actions are about to be taken, such as the passing of a local law or the adoption of a child. So public notice essentially work to inform the public of actions or decisions of the government that may have a serious impact on individuals, families, neighborhoods,  towns or cities . In some Countries, for example , the law requires that before the government embarks on some projects, the public needs to be notified because carrying out such projects may result n a massive increase in government spending or may affect residential homes.

Public notices may be published in news paper or on the internet. They can help make the government activities more transparent.


  1. What is a public notice?
  2. Mention two means through which the government can issue a public notice.
  3. Describe two uses of public notice
  4. Mention two things that can make a government issue public notice
  5. Mention three sets of people or groups that use public notices.