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Agricultural Science For Jss3

Date:27/04/2020 Class: JSS3 Subject: Agricultural Science Topic: Cooperative Society in Agricultural Cooperative Society in Agriculture A cooperative society is formed when a group of people come together to pool their resources to meet their immediate needs. Types of cooperative Societies 1. Consumer Cooperative Society 2. Producer Cooperative Society 3. Wholesaler Cooperative Society 4. Retailer Cooperative…

Agricultural Science Jss 2

Date: 27/04/2020 Class: JSS2 Subject: Agric. Science Topic: Feeds and Feeding Feeds and Feeding Feeds are food given to farm animals. It can be in the form of mash, pellets, concentrate , hay, soilage or silage. In agriculture, feeds are fed to farm animals in rations. A ration is the amount of feed given to…

online classes for JSS1 to SS2

For JSS1 Students Subject: Computer Studies Topic: Data Processing Date :27/04/2020 Data Processing Data processing is the conversion of raw data into useful and usable form.This conversion or processing is carried out using a pre-defined sequence of operation which could be manual or automatic, most of the data processing is done by using a computer….