Agricultural Science For Jss3

Class: JSS3
Subject: Agricultural Science
Topic: Cooperative Society in Agricultural

Cooperative Society in Agriculture
A cooperative society is formed when a group of people come together to pool their resources to meet their immediate needs.
Types of cooperative Societies
1. Consumer Cooperative Society
2. Producer Cooperative Society
3. Wholesaler Cooperative Society
4. Retailer Cooperative Society
5. Credit and thrift Cooperative Society

Formation of Cooperative Society
A cooperative society is formed when people come together and decide to form a society, they identify their aims and objectives.
Management of cooperative Society
The members of the society must:
1. Register the society
2. Set up a bank account
3. Elect executive for the society
4. Involve all members of the society
Importance of Cooperative societies
1. Promote thrift
2. provision of loans
3. By pass the middle-men
4. Purchase of goods and services at subsidized cost
1. Mention 3 types of cooperative society
2. How can a cooperative society be formed
3. List two management of a cooperative society